Legit Fish is leading a revolution in seafood traceability.  We are a mission driven organization, enabling and supporting the harvesting of seafood in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  If you are interested in joining a dynamic team, feeling a sense of purpose, and having fun while doing it, join us.

Current Job Opportunities:

Project Manager

Job Description

Legit Fish seeks a Project Manager to oversee the implementation of its seafood traceability software across new and existing seafood processors and dealers.  This role requires interaction with a range of internal and external stakeholders, most often managing several moving project parts simultaneously. This position will also be responsible for managing the quality assurance functions for the existing client base.

Successful candidates will be experienced with managing cross functional teams of internal and external stakeholders, will be organized, and will have experience managing timelines and targets. This candidate will be working in a startup environment and should be comfortable being a self-starter and having the flexibility to support in a variety of aspects.


This role primarily focuses on overseeing and supporting the onboarding of new clients from the point where a sales contract is signed to the completion of system integration for the client.  This includes:

Given the startup environment of Legit Fish, this position will also support several other functions in the operations:



Application details: Send your resume and cover letter to:

Rails Back-End Technical Lead

Job Description

Legit Fish seeks an experienced, senior-level, back-end, Rails/PostgreSQL developer to transform its seafood traceability platform into a highly scalable system.  With continued growth and traction of the service, this developer will take the extensive knowledge already learned from version one and transform it into a scaleable, highly automated system.

Successful candidates will be experienced technical leads who can take well-written, but short, requirements and execute the necessary changes, including:  tech approach, schema mods, code, tests, fixtures, stubs, api integrations, etc.  Comfort with graph theory is a benefit.  Also a plus if you have an interest in the global food supply chain.  Remote work is acceptable, but preferably in North America.

Tech Environment

Rails 6, Postgresql 12, Redis, React (front-end), Rails HTML for admin.  No graphdb yet – currently making postgres Common Table Expressions work.  Test coverage: MiniTest & Cypress and CI (Circle).  Currently deployed on Heroku.


Technical Skills & Requirements


Application details:

Send your resume and cover letter to:

Have a code sample available and be ready to talk about a significant project you have managed.