Legit Fish is leading a revolution in seafood traceability.  We are a mission driven organization, enabling and supporting the harvesting of seafood in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.  If you are interested in joining a dynamic team, feeling a sense of purpose, and having fun while doing it, join us.

Current Job Opportunities:

Rails Back-End Technical Lead

Job Description

Legit Fish seeks an experienced, senior-level, back-end, Rails/PostgreSQL developer to transform its seafood traceability platform into a highly scalable system.  With continued growth and traction of the service, this developer will take the extensive knowledge already learned from version one and transform it into a scaleable, highly automated system.

Successful candidates will be experienced technical leads who can take well-written, but short, requirements and execute the necessary changes, including:  tech approach, schema mods, code, tests, fixtures, stubs, api integrations, etc.  Comfort with graph theory is a benefit.  Also a plus if you have an interest in the global food supply chain.  Remote work is acceptable, but preferably in North America.

Tech Environment

Rails 6, Postgresql 12, Redis, React (front-end), Rails HTML for admin.  No graphdb yet – currently making postgres Common Table Expressions work.  Test coverage: MiniTest & Cypress and CI (Circle).  Currently deployed on Heroku.


Technical Skills & Requirements


Application details:

Send your resume and cover letter to:

Have a code sample available and be ready to talk about a significant project you have managed.