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The Legit Fish team has decades of experience in the seafood industry and technology development. We were founded on the belief that bringing fairness, efficiency and transparency to the supply chain is a powerful differentiator for those striving to bring the best product to market.

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Michael Carroll

Founder & CEO

Mike is the founder and CEO of Legit Fish. He has more than 30 years of experience in the seafood business from vessel to the retail shelf. He started his career captaining commercial fishing vessels, where he paid his way through graduate school to get a degree in Economics, specializing in seafood markets. After graduate school he worked in the transactional seafood business for various corporations like Ahold USA, Legal Seafoods, and Fishery Products International. He acquired extensive experience in every part of the seafood supply chain. With this experience he worked as an expert consultant on various large projects for the New England Aquarium, Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative, Global Trust Certification Body, and the Department of Interior. His unique background, analyzing government reported fishery data combined with his experience in seafood markets, sparked the idea and development of what would become Legit Fish.

Phil Walsh

Vice President of Sales

Phil Walsh has been buying and selling seafood since 1976, after graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Fisheries and Marine Technology. In addition to creating profitable seafood departments as Director of Seafood at Kings Supermarkets, Harris Teeter Supermarkets and Stop & Shop Supermarkets (where he established the nation’s first sustainable seafood program in conjunction with The New England Aquarium), he created profitable seafood programs at Metro New York Sysco, Porky Products, DiCarlo Distributors, and Alfa Gamma Seafood. He has been an adjunct professor at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science for the past ten years, where he teaches a Level 6 graduate course in marketing to master’s candidates in aquaculture. A frequent speaker at industry events and noted industry columnist, he makes clear his aversion to fraud of any kind in seafood.

Andrew Braunstein


Andrew has over 30 years of experience designing systems. As founder and CTO of ClinLogica, he developed an adaptive Resource Coordination Management system, which led to improved outcomes and optimized revenue. With extensive experience in the healthcare industry, he has reliably ensured the security of confidential health information. Andrew is a hands-on technology leader, focused on solving customer issues; he is responsible for scaling real-world solutions, while simplifying complex problems.

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