Truth Lifts All Boats

True, traceable data elevates compliant operators and brings peace of mind to consumers who deserve to know exactly what they’re paying for.

When data flows in total transparency through the seafood supply chain, a lasting ripple effect of trust and fairness becomes the norm, not the exception. “Legit Fish verifies against government data, so you don’t just have the data, you know it’s been third-party authenticated,” explains Mike Carroll, founder and CEO of Legit Fish. “That benefits every operator who harvests and reports to the government, takes care of his fish, sends them to market in transparent compliance and wants fair market price. It also benefits consumers who want to support a transparent harvester and know what they’re paying for and putting on the table.”

Mr. Carroll explained that more small operators than ever before can benefit from the new push for traceability because they’ve always been doing the right thing and now they’re able to prove it through the data and get a fair price. “What Legit Fish is doing is totally aligned with the transparent, compliant fisherman and fisheries because now the data exists, the retailers are seeing the differentiation, and they’re interested.”

On the consumer side, there’s also more fairness than ever before. In the past, shoppers had no way of knowing exactly what they were buying–and often paying a premium for. Legit Fish’s on-pack QR code and retailer marketing support is educating consumers that they have the right to rigorous reporting and verified data. They’ll look for it, demand it and pay more for it.

“Domestic fisheries and so many vessel operators are really well managed and deliver a high quality product. As the FDA begins to mandate automated traceability next year, it will become even easier for them to rise above the rest and reap the rewards–even the smallest players,” added Mr. Carroll.

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The future of the seafood industry is traceability. The future of traceability is truth.
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