So Much Technology, So Little Truth

Why labeling software, blockchain, and other new traceability solutions don’t deliver the complete picture.

It’s no secret that “traceability” is the buzzword of the seafood industry right now, and for good reason. Stronger transparency up and down the supply chain is long overdue. Being able to give consumers a complete picture of their purchase at the point of sale can also help sustainable and local product break through and command a higher price. And with the FDA leading the charge to adopt traceability technology in the next few years, most players agree that those who don’t get on board with state-of-the-art tracking and authentication will quickly fall behind. 

So what’s the best way to go forward? Blockchain, reporting software, QR labeling software and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions have been making news, but are they really a total solution or just one piece of it?  In other words, what’s still missing from this picture?

Full Supply Chain Authentication

With Legit Fish, authentication begins at the very origin (the harvester) and tracks all the way up the chain. Legit Fish’s patented solution is the only one that verifies against government harvest records, so each catch is not only traceable, but true. Blockchain can’t guarantee that. IoT technology may make reporting more efficient, but it’s only as good as the data that goes in. Finally, what good is QR code labeling if it tells a false fish story?

Software Agnostic

Unlike other industry alternatives, Legit Fish does not require implementation of a new software system. Our solution supports traceability at all stages of the supply chain with your existing platform. So if you’re happy with it, we can work within it. This includes blockchain platforms. We are not trying to change your processes and system, but instead want to meet you where you are.

Consumer Marketing Opportunities

Legit Fish’s QR code functionality gives our customers’ product an advantage at the point of purchase as buyers can view the entire harvest-to-retail history of the product along with engaging content that fosters interest and loyalty. It’s not only cool content, it’s true content, which is where other QR labeling solutions don’t measure up.

Regulatory Compliance

Soon the FDA will begin imposing new traceability requirements on all seafood imports over the coming years. Legit Fish is GDST-compliant and is already being positioned to lead the way to bring importers into compliance with new FDA regulations.

Multiple Species Authentication

Legit Fish solutions currently support products across the industry including domestic scallops, Alaskan salmon, Gulf shrimp, New England groundfish, Indian shrimp, and Alaskan cod, with more to come.

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The future of the seafood industry is traceability. The future of traceability is truth.
Are you on board?