Managing Product from Vessel to Processor

Legit Fish has developed an innovative set of software tools to simplify and streamline the management of product from the vessel to the processor, and provides a third party product verification and traceability service to ensure the product meets all specifications and certifications associated with it. These systems integrate data between systems in real-time to ensure timely, accurate information. The Legit Fish system eliminates time consuming manual functions, ensures accuracy between interfaces, and dramatically simplifies government reporting.


Legit Fish’s Vessel Hail and Electronic Vessel Trip Report (EVTR) Applications manages your vessel’s daily catch on your smartphone, smartpad, or laptop, while at sea. With one-time entry into the system, the application aggregates the required information and sends a hail to your offloader prior to landing, as well as the EVTR to all reporting entities. It streamlines entry and reporting, saving the vessel time and improving reporting accuracy.


Legit Fish’s Dealer/Offloader System enable dealers to manage the entire logistics process from vessel to processor. The system automatically receives information sent from Legit Fish’s Hail/EVTR App. The platform streamlines the dockside offload process and electronically facilitates vessel and product information into accounting, government reporting, and sales modules. The system is designed specifically for the seafood industry and is easily configurable to the dealer’s business.


Legit Fish’s Product Verification and Traceability ensures all stakeholders in the supply chain from the vessel to the retailer are receiving and selling a third-party verified product. This verification ensures that all product specifications and certifications are confirmed to the product that is delivered and sold at each point in the supply chain. This verification uses a proprietary authentication against government reported data.


Legit Fish is providing the first fully traceable, third-party, seafood verification system that is verified to the official government harvest records. It ensures that the information provided from a specific product is accurate. This information can include catch type, landing date, catch region, vessel, related certifications, and much more.  


The Product Verification Labeling System is the tracking system that provides secure control of your product through the processing, distribution, and final sale of the product. This system enables Legit Fish to provide third-party verification of your product and ensure the buyer that their product is the actual product type, catch location, as well as any other information like sustainability certifications.